How come I'm not receiving any emails?

Accounts account setup, email

If an Admin or Poolies are not receiving emails, there are 4 common issues that this is usually a result of:

  1. Has an OfficePools account been setup? Due to CASL, we cannot send emails to anyone that has not given us authorization to do so. This step is fulfilled during account setup.
  2. Has the spam/junk folder been checked? Please make sure the emails are not in the spam/junk folder. If so, please mark emails from as safe to prevent that happening again.
  3. Are the subscription settings turned on/off? Please make sure that your email subscriptions are set as desired. You can check them by clicking on your name in the top right corner after you sign-in and then choosing "Subscription Settings" OR by clicking here.
  4. Have you ensured that '[email protected]' is not on the blocked emails list? Make sure that the OfficePools email address is not on your blocked list. With many email platforms a blocked email list is an option, which eliminates specific emails from reaching your inbox.